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4-H Achievement Night

Achievement Night is in three weeks! We ask each family to bring soup and a dessert to share, while the Extension Office will provide salad, bread, drinks, and paper products. We look forward to celebrating our kids' achievements from the past year!

Please note that there is a short mandatory livestock project meeting immediately following the event for anyone planning to complete a livestock project this year. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the office.

4-H Alum Builds Arbor for White House Garden

From Diane Pullaro, mother of local 4-H alumni, Dakota Pullaro:

"Just wanted to let you know how 4-H is still impacting my son's life.  While he was still in 4-H under the leadership of Lisa Carter, the CALF club had welding workshops for the older members of the group which Dakota was a part of. 

His interest peaked from these workshops, he looked into more schooling on the subject at Piedmont, taking and becoming state certified for both stick and mig welding at 18.

His instructor also arranged a blacksmithing course at Dakota's request.  Dakota purchased parts and built a forge so that he could practice blacksmithing at home.  He also was called back by his instructor to assist in large classes and to help students having difficulties learning to weld.  The instructor introduce Dakota as the finest welder he had met in over  40 years of teaching.

Dakota has been working part time (still full time on the farm) with an historical architect who works for places such as Monticello,  Montpelier,  Ash Lawn, and historical homes, estates throughout the area.  This architect was asked to create an arbor for the White House Kitchen Garden. Though the arbor appears to be mostly wood it is attached to a metal frame inside the wood and metal post to strengthen the structure   There was also a picnic table and benches made with metal support.  The wood came from donations from various historical places, 2 of which came from Monticello and Martin Luther King's home with many contributors and each piece has historical significance. 

Now to get to the point, Dakota was the welder for these projects.  Him and his father were also able to deliver the piece along with the architect on the White House lawn and assemble it in the garden.  This arbor now becomes a national monument and all involved with it creation are on the national registry. 

I will share pictures that I have so far but because of its secrecy  both in the delivery and having Mrs Obama be the first to reveal it, my pictures were limited to a few of the arbor.  Since all has been presented at this time we are now able to share this news.

I hope you will share this letter and pictures with the 4-Hers and their parents and know that we credit the experiences in 4-H as a large part of how this all came into play.  I have personally thanked Lisa and am grateful to share this with others.

Diane Pullaro"

What an awesome way to showcase the wide variety of projects that you can do in 4-H! We are so proud of you, Dakota, and we are just as grateful to have innovative volunteers like Lisa who encourage our kids to try new things.

Hoof N Woof Drill Team

Below is a video of our Hoof N Woof Club's Drill Team at the State Fair this year. Bertha Durbin, Club leader said, "Not only did they win this class, but they took home the Championship and trophy too! I am so proud of them!" Job well done, 4-Hers; you've represented our county well!


 Just a reminder on the blog and FB that 4HOnline is now open for enrollment and that applications and nominations for All Stars, Outstanding 4-H Member, and True Leaders are due by Sat, Oct 15. Since the office is not open on Saturdays, anyone submitting any of these needs to do so by the date listed above. The link below provides all the necessary forms.


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