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Corky Shackleford 4-H Youth Development Scholarship

Are you a 4-H member who needs help getting funds to raise a large project animal (sheep, goats, hogs, or cattle)? Read below for an opportunity that can help you cover that cost!

Established by Grace Episcopal Church, this scholarship is to be awarded annually to a member or members of Albemarle 4-H to complete an animal project to show at the Albemarle County Fair and/or another recognized Official 4-H show(s).  Priority consideration will be given to members who have not previously raised a large 4-H project animal (sheep, goats, hogs, or cattle), but other projects will also be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Applicants must have been members in good standing of Albemarle 4-H (including Cloverbud members) for at least one full 4-H year before applying.  To be a member in good standing, an applicant must have met club attendance requirements, given a presentation, and attended at least one event above the club level. 

A formal application will be submitted to the Scholarship Committee in November, and will include an essay describing the applicant's proposed project; a listing of the club member's 4-H activities; a projected budget; and a signed contract pledging to pay back 25% of the scholarship at the completion of the project to their respective Club and to set aside a portion of the proceeds for the applicant's future education. Funds returned to the Club are to be used on items and/or materials which will benefit all Club members.  All scholarship recipients will be required to submit a photocopy of their 4-H Project Record Book to the Scholarship Committee at the completion of the project.

Scholarship amounts and/or additional awards will be determined at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee. A total of $2,000 may be awarded in any one year.  Amounts for various projects will awarded as follows: 

Beef/Dairy Cattle $500

Swine $300-$400

Sheep/Goat $200-$300


2018 4‑H Youth in Action Awards: Share Your Story

From the National 4-H Blog:

When you think of the attributes of a 4‑H’er, what comes to mind? Courageous? Compassionate? Charismatic? Yes, all of these words perfectly describe a 4‑H kid, but what’s even more important are the stories behind the words. The story of a shy boy who came into his own. The story of a girl’s simple act of kindness towards a neighbor. The story of a teen who stands up and speaks out on behalf of their peers. These are the stories that deserve the spotlight and need to be shared and celebrated.

How do we help shine a light on these stories of character and accomplishment? The 4‑H Youth in Action Awards Programs.

For the last seven years, National 4‑H Council has honored 13 4‑H’ers who have a story to tell through 4‑H Youth in Action. This year is no different as we seek out four 4‑H’ers who are willing to share their stories of peer engagement, personal growth, community empowerment and much more. They are the everyday stories that result in local and national impact.

There are four individual pillar awards up for grabs: Agriculture, Citizenship, Healthy Living and STEM. Here’s how to apply for 2018 4‑H Youth in Action Awards:
  1. Visit www.4‑H.org/YouthinAction to learn about the awards program, review the guidelines, and meet past winners
  2. Fill out the 2018 Application and answer the following questions in 150-words each:
    a. Describe how 4‑H has impacted your life.
    b. Describe a project, program or 4‑H activity within the pillar area in which you demonstrated leadership.
    c. Describe how your work in this particular area has improved or influenced your community.
  3. Submit three individual photos showing your experience within your chosen pillar area, as well as a 60-second video that introduces who you are and your 4‑H story
  4. Complete and submit a reference form
Applications are due October 23, 2017.

So what will you win as a 4-H Youth in Action Awards recipient? A $5,000 scholarship; an all-expense-paid trip to Washington D.C. for the 2018 National 4‑H Council Legacy Awards; and much more!

Every story is worth sharing, and sharing your story can earn you the opportunity of a lifetime. Apply for the 2018 4‑H Youth in Action Awards today!

2017 4-H Livestock Show & Sale at the Fluvanna County Fair

Submitted by John Heetderks, Monticello 4-H Club reporter:

Members of the Monticello 4-H Club showed their animals at the 4-H Livestock Show and Sale at the Fluvanna County Fair on August 17, 18, and 19. Several of us came on Wednesday night to help set up the cages and animal pens. On Thursday the vet checked all of our animals and then we got them settled in. After that we turned in our project books to show that we had all of our project records up to date. Later we competed in the Skillathon contests. It was a test on identifying different kinds of grains, equipment, and general animal knowledge, and breeds of cattle. It was pretty hard! After that we had the costume contests. I dressed up like a lifeguard and my goat was a swimmer wearing a life jacket. There were lots of funny costumes.

On Friday evening there was the poultry and rabbit show. We had Mr. Tom Roebuck as poultry judge, and he asked lots of tough questions. The rabbit show was interrupted by an intense thunderstorm and we all ran around frantically trying to keep things from getting wet. Thankfully the tent held up and the animals didn't get wet or hurt.

On Saturday morning the livestock show started bright and early. There were lots of animals, especially cattle. There were also hogs, sheep, dairy goats, and meat goats. After the show, we had time to look around the fair and ride the rides before the buyers' reception at one o'clock. We had lunch with the buyers and showed them our 4-H animals. The lunch was followed by the auction. The buyers were very generous and while it was sad to say goodbye to the market animals we were thankful to be able to raise and show them.

Besides the 4-H tent, there were lots of fun rides, games, vendors, tents and tractors at the fair. Thank you to our Albemarle 4-H agent Ms. Temple and Fluvanna 4-H agent Mrs. Mayo for their hard work running the 4-H show and sale. We all had a wonderful time and we really look forward to next year.

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